The Pan-Asian Screen Collective (PASC) launched in August 2018 to represent, provide advocacy and facilitate opportunities for Pan-Asian screen practitioners on and behind New Zealand’s screens. As of 2022, PASC’s 700+ -strong membership continues to climb.

PASC represents screen practitioners of Pan-Asian heritage including those from long-established New Zealand Chinese and Indian communities. It also includes members from migrant and refugee communities. 

PASC aims to:

  • Foster career pathways for emerging and established Pan-Asian talent through training, coaching, networking, accessing funding, building confidence and celebrating difference
  • Facilitate paid work opportunities for Pan-Asian talent in the screen industries including in front of and behind cameras, in key creative roles, telling stories.
  • Reflect contemporary Aotearoa by improving Pan-Asian representation on and behind screens
  • Ensure that Pan-Asian screen practitioners get to define Asianess or Asian stories.